Police: Drunk and disorderly passenger arrested in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - New details are being released in the arrest of a drunk and disorderly passenger at Will  Rogers World Airport.

Just before Thanksgiving, a flight was forced to make an emergency stop in Oklahoma City because of a disorderly passenger, who was identified as Caleena Johnson.

Officials say that several of her fellow passengers complained that they had been threatened by Johnson. Flight attendants tried to intervene but Johnson allegedly refused to cooperate and became belligerent.

The pilot landed the plane, and Oklahoma City police were waiting. However, that is when they say things went from bad to worse.

On Monday, police released body camera footage to show what officers endured during her arrest.

"I hope you f****** die! I hope you die a slow f****** death," Johnson is heard saying on the video.

The alleged verbal abuse continued as officers were taking Johnson to jail. During the transit, she reportedly kicked out the window of a patrol car and started begging for help.

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