Group leaving Tulsa business catches alleged burglary suspect, holds him until police arrive

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TULSA, Okla. – A man allegedly trying to burglarize a car in the parking lot of a Tulsa business was caught by a group of people on their way out and held him until police arrived.

Sunday night, a group leaving Climb Tulsa spotted a man in one of their cars.

When they confronted the man, later identified as John Cassady, 27, he told them he was an off-duty police officer and showed them a badge.

However, that’s when Cassady tried to run away, but the group of people chased him, catching and holding him until police arrived on scene.

“The patrons and citizens, they were holding this person down and he was subsequently arrested for breaking into that car,” said officer Danny Bean with Tulsa Police Department.

According to FOX 23, police say surveillance video at the business showed Cassady pull into the parking lot in a van, which was later determined to be stolen.

When police searched the van, they found at least seven items that had been reported stolen from burglaries earlier in the day, including the stolen police badge.

While officers advise you don’t take matters into your own hands, they say you should trust your gut and call police.

Cassady was arrested on more than a dozen charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, false impersonation and 2nd degree burglary.

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