Increase in coyote sightings reported in Tulsa, wildlife control officials say

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TULSA, Okla. – Cold temperatures and a lack of natural food source may be the reason some residents in the Tulsa area are seeing coyotes more often, Oklahoma Wildlife Control officials say.

Over the weekend, wildlife officials rescued an injured coyote off a front porch.

And, one resident in Broken Arrow says recently, he spotted a coyote in his neighborhood.

“He wasn’t afraid of people. He wasn’t afraid to be out during the day. He was just kind of roaming the neighborhood,” Chad Best told FOX 23.

Wildlife control officials say they’ve received an increase in coyote related calls in urban areas.

They say because natural food source is dying off with the cold temperatures, coyotes are making their way into a more populated area for food.

Leftover Thanksgiving food in trashcans and small pets may attract them.

Officials say if you see one coyote, it’s possible there’s an entire pack nearby that could consist of eight to 10 coyotes.

Kelly Adams with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife told KFOR over the summer that coyotes are everywhere and even though they`re predators, attacks on humans are extremely rare.

“I would recommend leaving your pets indoors or feeding them indoors,” said Adams. “Coyotes are typically more scared of humans than we are of them.”

Adams also says if you see a coyote in your neighborhood, there`s no need to report it, but you can contact your county’s Game Warden if you have questions or concerns.

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