OTA: Check your PIKEPASS statements for inadvertent charges

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OKLAHOMA CITY - PIKEPASS is a major convenience for a relatively minor price, but for some, charges to their account popped up when they weren't even behind the wheel.

In one recent case, an Oklahoman found a charge on his account before his PIKEPASS ever got to his mailbox.

"It’s something that is extremely rare when it does happen," explained Jack Damrill with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. "What’s happening every now and then, there is a chance, a slim chance, that in transit from the time the order their PIKEPASS, we out it in the mail and ship it to their address that somehow it could be read by our system throughout Oklahoma."

If your new pass is in the delivery vehicle when it travels through the toll, instead of picking up the pass on the windshield, the signal might pick up the one on its way to your mailbox.

It's a technical issue, but you need need to catch it.

"If that happens, by all means we’ll correct that erroneous charge and fix it," said Damrill. "They need to bring that to our attention."

Of the 300,000 PIKEPASSES issued last year, Damrill says only about fifteen customers reported erroneous charges. While OTA believes it's not a widespread problem, they urge customers to check their statements. If you find this error, contact the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and they will reimburse the amount to your account.

Similarly, erroneous charges can pop up if your car was being towed and the driver took the turnpike. However in those cases, resolving the payment is between the car owner and the towing company.

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