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Mother, 4 kids escape Oklahoma City house fire; investigators search for cause

OKLAHOMA CITY - Fire crews are working to determine if a house fire that forced a woman and her four children from their home early Wednesday morning was an accident or arson.

It happened around 2:15 a.m. near Southeast 71st and Shields.

A woman who was home at the time with four kids says she heard glass breaking and then saw smoke and a glow underneath her door.

When fire crews got there, they found smoke and flames coming from the kitchen. After a close inspection - investigators weren't able to find any evidence that something had been thrown inside the home.

"It's typical," said Capt. David Macy with the OKC Fire Dept. "Sometimes you'll hear loud noises if something's on fire, popping and things like that so it's possible that she may have thought she heard something thrown through a window," he said.

He says in those first critical moments - your mind races - especially when you have family members counting on you.

"You hear that, you're in a bedroom, you've got the door shut, you're hearing a loud noise, you see smoke and a glow," Capt. Macy said. "That would be one of the first things you think of is has someone set my house on fire."

Fire officials say there were no working smoke alarms, and because the fire happened so early in the morning, it's fortunate that the victims were awake.

"They're lucky, very lucky, that they were awake and it wasn't worse," Capt. Macy said. "The fire hadn't advanced to a state that there was anybody injured. They were able to get out."

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