Teen tosses gun out window while fleeing from metro police

OKLAHOMA CITY - A high speed chase ended with a teen crashing out on a front lawn, and police on high alert.

It started at NE 23rd and Rhode Island, when police say the driver of a silver Mustang failed to yield to oncoming traffic. When police tried to pull the vehicle over, it took off instead.

As the car raced through neighborhood streets, the driver threw a gun out the window, followed by a magazine cartridge. It's a move that may have been intended to put police at ease, but did just the opposite, increasing tension now that they knew there was at least one weapon in the car.

The chase came to a screeching halt when the Mustang wrecked on someone's front lawn. Police ordered the driver out of the car and put him under arrest.

Officers say he has several prior convictions.

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