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Two rescued after truck becomes stuck in North Canadian River

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two men were rescued Thursday afternoon after their pickup truck died while attempting to ford the North Canadian River.

Fire officials said they were called shortly after 4:00 p.m. to the river near NE 23rd and Sooner Rd. for a vehicle in the river. Two men were trapped inside, with water rising up to about the middle of the door of the crew cab Chevrolet pickup truck.

"They were wise to not get out of the vehicle, and to allow us to come and rescue them, especially because one of them had mobility issues," said Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson.

Oklahoma City Fire Department's dive and rescue team was able to reach the men by boat and pulled them to safety. The pair were taken to an ambulance by brush truck to be checked out.

"They seem to be fine, and one of those individuals had mobility issues, so was not able to help too much. Our divers and our firefighters did a great job of getting them on the boat and getting them to safety," Fulkerson said. "Thankful they're okay. It's colder now. The water temperature's getting colder."

The mother of one of the men, Cindy Owens, said her son's friend was driving when she received a phone call.

"He said, 'Hey mom, I'm stuck in the river, come help me?'" Owens said while watching fire and wrecker crews work to get her truck out of the river.  "I kind of knew what he was meaning because they bog hog around here every once in a while. But never in the river."

Owens said the pair thought they could cross the river, but obviously didn't make it. Ultimately, the truck can be replaced and she's happy they're okay, especially considering her son is partially paralyzed from a shooting on the city's south side over the summer.

"I was scared to death, because he can’t walk. I was pretty scared," she said. "They probably better not do it ever again.”

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