Adult film star disputes circumstances of public intoxication arrest earlier this month

NORMAN, Okla. - An adult film star and Oklahoma native arrested earlier this month for public intoxication now claims she wasn't drunk, but drugged, when she was found lying unconscious on a downtown street.

Cindy Taylor, 38, who is also known as Jesse Jane, was arrested the evening of November 10 by Norman Police for public intoxication, less than an hour after the annual Bedlam college football game in Norman, and booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center.  Recently released body camera footage of Taylor's arrest shows police officers trying for several minutes to find the actress a ride home, asking if she had cash for a cab or someone to pick her up.

However, according to a police report, after being unable to provide police with a phone number, without cash and intoxicated to the point "she could not give (the officer) a valid answer to any of the questions (the officer) asked her," she was arrested on a municipal charge of public intoxication.

After News 4 aired a story Thursday about the newly released footage of the actress' arrest, she contacted News 4 claiming she wasn't drunk, but drugged.

"So when I was taken in, they were going to book me and stuff, but I was released because I had been drugged. And it was clear that I had been drugged. So, I never spent the night in jail, I never actually got arrested," said Taylor, in a phone interview with News 4 Friday afternoon.

However, Norman Police and the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office confirm Taylor was arrested and jailed. Police reports show officer made contact with Taylor near Jones and E Main St. in downtown Norman shortly after 7:15 p.m. According to Cleveland County Sheriff's Office records, Taylor was booked into the detention center at 8:39 p.m. and bonded out of jail at 1:05 a.m. November 11 for $367.50.

Taylor said she had two drinks with a girlfriend at a Campus Corner bar and blacked out prior to being found nearly a mile away in downtown Norman.

"I didn't even come into consciousness until somebody was trying to hold me up and fingerprint me," said Taylor, who in a previous phone call with News 4 Friday morning admitted to being arrested, but said she was immediately released after claiming the jail conducted a toxicology test showing she had been drugged. But jail officials tell News 4 toxicology screens aren't done at the jail and when News 4 spoke with Taylor Friday afternoon, she changed her story.

"Yeah, and then I got a drug test and showed that I was roofied," Taylor said. "I had a drug test at the little store that you get the drug test from."

When asked what store that was, Taylor said she went to a CVS pharmacy, and did not have a test done by law enforcement.

News 4 asked Taylor several times if she had since filed a police report about her claim that she was drugged, each time sidestepping the question, but said she was going to Norman municipal court "to clear everything up." Norman Police said it has no record of a police report with Taylor's claim, other than her arrest report.

"So I do know it does look bad. The Vegas thing, yes, I was drugged. Trust me, I do understand it looks bad. I'm not sitting here trying to act like I'm an innocent person, you know?" she said, referring to a similar story when Taylor was videotaped, passed out on the Las Vegas strip in 2015. When that story made headlines, Taylor claimed someone had drugged her.

"I'm sitting here being honest with you and I admit it, I've been drunk in the past. That's why I just want to clear everything up."

It's unclear when she will appear before a municipal judge on the public intoxication citation.

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