Ardmore police release video showing how to protect yourself from card skimmers

ARDMORE, Okla. - We've all heard the warnings about skimmers on ATMs or gas pumps, but now we're getting a look at how skimmers work and why they are so hard to spot.

The Ardmore Police Department released a video showing the devices in action.

"This piece right here is what is going to read your cards and what gives the criminals your card information. It fits over the existing one. When you slide your card in and pull it out, it steals your information. The next thing is this small cover. It fits right here where your cash comes out. If you look closely at the top, right here there is a hole. In this hole is a camera that records you when you put in your PIN number. This is how they are getting your PIN number when they match it to your card information," the Ardmore Police Department says.

Officers say there are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself. First, give the card skimmer a little tug and it should not be loose.

Also, look for a hole where the cash comes out since all cameras should be inside the machine.