Student starts fundraiser to rebuild gym floors

OKLAHOMA CITY - Flooding back in August is taking its toll on student athletes at Capitol Hill High School. The gym floor is ruined; it has students mad and school officials scrambling to fix the buckling hardwood.

"Honestly the floor is a mess," Cheyenne Willis, a Capitol Hill student, upset about a partially torn up hardwood floor in their main gym.

This is not the first time the planks have been pulled up.

"It's happened quite frequently since our new stadium was built, so this time when it happened we decided we are going to re-engineer the floor so we don’t have to deal with this again," said Keith Sinor of OKCPS Athletics.

OKCPS officials say when Speegle stadium was redone in 2014, the turf field and larger concrete footprint made for more run off. That flows towards the sports arena, which has a floor that is below street level. Back in August, the torrential rains overwhelmed the drainage system.

"We had people on hand but it just came so fast and we just could fight it, once water gets underneath the floor it ruins the floor," said Sinor.

The district says the floor has been repaired 4 times recently at a price tag of about $125k each time. Now they plan on re-engineer the foundation. That should  cost about $250k, but that will take until April.

"That’s too late, our basketball games are over, our wrestling games are over," said Willis.

The Red Wolves have another gym to practice in but they will play their home games on their opponents floor.

"It's not an ideal situation but we are just trying to make the best of a bad situation." said Sinor

As for Cheyenne Willis she has set up a Go fund me page to try to speed up the process and get a floor done in time for major school events.

"We have a really good school here and we don’t have a gym to show how good this school is, how good our basketball players are, how good our wrestlers are. I want to make sure that future generations of Red Wolves have that opportunity as well," said Willis.

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