Toy Store II: Plastic Galaxy is all about a ‘Galaxy far, far away’.

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- Officially speaking, Seth Hastings is working on a window display for this retail store, but he admits it's still pretty fun.

"Pretty much," he chuckles. "I get to play for a living."

It's been more than 3 years now that Hastings opening up Plastic Galaxy, a toy store dedicated to vintage action figures from all kinds of universes, but specializing in Star Wars, the 'Queen Mother' of all toy lines.

"It's always been the number one seller in the world," he says, "and I don't think it's ever relinquished that title."

Inside this strip mall in Edmond, if it says Star Wars Seth probably has it.

"We specialize in the higher end stuff, the more collectible or vintagy."

Displays from years gone by sit waiting, an autograph from the first Obi Wan character, Sir Alec Guinness.
store displays, cross promotions, and old board games.

Hastings explains, "The demand and supply were so out of sync they couldn't make toys fast enough. So they gave them board games."

If it says Star Wars on it Seth wants it, either for himself or to re-sell.

On display, or in a parts box somewhere, the Empire and the Resistance, the Dark Side, and the light battle it out to keep customers entertained.

"When they come in the store people are always in a good mood," Seth says. "It's someplace they want to go versus a place where they have to go."

The future is now for toy sellers like Hastings.

Twice a week he hosts a sort of home shopping show for his wares.

Thousands tune in to buy online.

Hastings claims it's almost impossible to walk into any retailer today and not see some kind of Star Wars related item.

In here, it's everywhere you look.

For more information on Plastic Galaxy go to

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