Neighborhood cleaning up after vandals damage popular Christmas lights display

OKLAHOMA CITY - A neighborhood is cleaning up after their popular Christmas lights display was vandalized.

It happened in the neighborhood near Northwest 23rd and Council where nearly two dozen families worked on all of the lights.

"Why do it? What good did they get out of it?" said homeowner Mark Metalik.

Camera footage catches what appears to be teens picking up and stealing the lights.

Some were actually found a block away, but do not work anymore.

Neighbors believe they also intentionally crushed some lights up the road, too.

"It's frustrating because you do a lot of work and try to get it all nice and looking nice for everyone else," Metalik said.

He is one of the 21 neighbors that spends almost an entire month putting up Christmas lights to make Markwell Avenue shine bright.

He says in one tree alone, there`s over a thousand lights. But, after all that work - vandals strike.

"Friday afternoon, we noticed some of the lights on our neighbors' yards were missing and couldn't figure out what was going on," Metalik said.

He says people travel near and far to see the lights and kick off the holiday season.

"We have tons of people that come through and people travel from Enid, or lots of places, long way away, just to come down and do this. It`s part of their family traditions," Metalik told News 4.

Sadly, this is the last year for Markwell Lights because many neighbors have moved away and it's a lot of work.

Metalik says they will miss it, but hope vandals leave them alone and let them pull the plug on a good note.

"We're just here having fun, enjoying the Christmas spirit and we want other people to enjoy it. It really stinks that somebody is trying to take away from all of those other people," he said.

And, instead of taking donations, the neighborhood is asking that you bring a bag of non-perishable food items to give to the Putnam City West Food Pantry.

The drop off location is on Markwell Avenue as you drive through the lights.

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