Train ride in ‘Christmas in the park’ derails, injuring passenger

ENID Okla. - 'Christmas in the Park' in Enid turned into derailment in the park when the Kiwanis Club train lost its caboose. It happened a little after 6 Saturday evening.

Several people were packed at Meadowlake Park when the Kiwanis train went off the rails.

"I thought it was sounding just a little different, so I turned backwards - my husband was behind me, and I said is that normal, that sound," said Rebecca.

Rebecca said it was a sound she can't forget. She and her family were looking forward to the train ride until the incident.

"I see the caboose start to tilt off the tracks," she said.

Rebecca said passengers sprung into action to get the train back on the track.

"My husband gets off, and him and some other people are trying to push the caboose back on the train," she said.

A young girl sitting in the back told officers, according to the police report, she was riding in the train car with her younger sister. She said the car starting tipping over and all she remembers is the train running over her leg.

"My understanding is that the young woman, who is 13 years of age, during all the excitement, if you will, the train coming off the track, she jumped off the track and somehow her foot was caught up," said Steve Kime, Enid spokesperson.

Kime said the girl sprained her ankle. He also said Kiwanis employees were nearby the train the entire time.

"There was always an operator in place; the train does not operate without a Kiwanis Club operating the train," he said.

Rebecca said she doesn't remember anyone driving the train after people got the caboose back on the tracks.

"My husband and another man run towards the front of the train, and they both look at each other and neither one of them knows how to stop it so they're just start pulling on the levers until it stops," she said.

Clint Claypole, president of the Enid Kiwanis Club said, in a statement, "All Kiwanis rides at Meadowlake Park, including the train, were fully staffed by properly trained Kiwanis members at the time of the incident Saturday evening. Once the mechanical issue with the train occurred, the train was immobilized and taken out of service for the remainder of the evening."

Claypole said they are reporting the incident to the State Department of Labor and working to diagnose the cause of the incident. They look forward to getting the train back in service for Christmas in the Park and will notify the public when that occurs.

City officials said all rides and the train are inspected annually for safety.

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