“We are believers in smoke alarms,” Smoke detector saves metro woman’s life

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Fire officials said a smoke detector could have saved the life of a woman after flames broke out at a home in northwest Oklahoma City.

"It could have been much worse, yes," said Kristin Pugh, referring to the fire at her home near NW 50th and Walker.

On Sunday, at around 7 p.m., Pugh was napping in her bedroom when "the smoke alarms went off and alerted me to get up and check what was going on, noticed there was flames and called 911 and got out."

It's believed the blaze was started by a faulty lamp cord. It caused quite a bit of damage, but no one was hurt.

The smoke alarm didn’t fare as well - it was melted and mangled by the blaze.

"We are very thankful for the smoke alarms," said Darlene Brower.

Brower has lived in the home for 20 years. She was not there when her granddaughter called 911, but she told News 4 her grandson was an Eagle Scout and helped fire officials install the detector, along with 900 others, in homes across the metro.

"Seeing that it saved somebody’s life down the line gives the program that much more importance for us," said Capt. David Macy with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, talking about the program his department has set up to install detectors in homes across the metro. "We will send one of our fire trucks out, they carry smoke alarms and they will actually install them and make sure they are installed per the fire code here in the city of OKC."

As for Pugh and Brower, they are happy they had a working detector in their home and have some advice for others.

"Make sure they are working, make sure the batteries are working," Pugh said.

"We are believers in smoke alarms," Brower said.

To get more information on the smoke detector program, call 316-BEEP or click here.

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