Friend remembers Guthrie teen who died in apartment fire

GUTHRIE, Okla. - Caden Cearley will never forget the night he lost his friend, Saul Bernal. The two were inseparable.

"I'm upset, you know? I wish he was still here. He's that person," said Cearley about Bernal. "More like a brother. Not really a best friend, more like a brother."

Cearley says he was it started with a loud noise.

"I was laying down, I was asleep and I heard a big boom," said Cearley, who ran outside to find Bernal's apartment building engulfed in flames.

"I seen his apartments on fire and then I was just thinking the worst and just and his family," said Cearley. "His mom and his sister, they went to the hospital because they jumped out the window and I didn`t know about him until I talked to one of the firefighters. He said that he had passed away."

Now, he's left remembering his friend.

"He loved Fortnite, he was always playing on his PS4, he used to always come over," said Cearley. "Played catch, watched Netflix and stuff. Used to always walk to the store together."

He says now, he will move on to high school without his friend.

"I`m just really upset," said Cearley. "Wish he could still be here. Wish he could live as long as I could. You know, we`d have each other in high school but since he`s gone, at least he`s with God now."

Bernal was a student at Guthrie Junior High.

You can donate to Bernal's family here and here.

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