Skechers surprises ‘kid with courage’ as she defies the odds in cancer battle

ENID, Okla. – A 5-year-old girl who is defying the odds got a special surprise when she went to her most recent doctor’s appointment.

Rebecca Roper is re-learning everything since her world unraveled back in the summer of 2017.

“Her daycare called and said, ‘Rebecca can hardly walk,'” said Larry Coats, Rebecca’s grandfather.

“We drove down here and they did a C-T scan on her and sure enough they found a tumor on her brain stem that was the size of a lemon,” he added.

The lemon was a tumor called a glioma.

“It was in a very bad location right behind the brain stem, which carries all the nerves from the brain down to the spinal cord,” Dr. Abhishek Bavle, from Jimmy Everest Cancer Center, explains.

Dr. Naina Gross had to remove two vertebrae to get to the glioma and some of the tumor was too deep to reach safely.

Weeks later, doctors and family members were holding their breath and hoping that Rebecca would remember how to speak.

“The commercial came on for Skechers light up sneakers. She said ‘Papa, I want those.’ I said ‘OK.’ Then I thought, wait, what did you say!?” he said.

Rebecca has been talking ever since.

Skechers heard about Rebecca and the shoes she was so delighted to see.

On Tuesday, they arrived at Children's Hospital for Rebecca's doctor's appointment and they had a big goody bag for her. They presented her with a new pair of shoes to wear now, and two more pairs to grow into, along with a backpack and socks.

Skechers even gave Rebecca's grandparents a gift card so they could pick out shoes as well.

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