Residents worried about new drilling site in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - People near S.W. 29th and Czech Hall are worried a new well could shake up their lives.

Resident Glenn Benedict said Roan Resources is planning to set up a drilling site across the street from his house. He's afraid of earthquakes.

"Absolutely. We've had several of them here," Benedict said. "Where they actually started, we got a pretty good shake several times, and they're going to be right there and I'm afraid that's going to make it a whole lot worse."

Benedict's also worried about air and water pollution.

"The chemicals blowing across the street. My wife's got asthma. The man behind us, he's on oxygen 24/7," he said.

Others are worried about the noise, the lights and traffic.

"Our primary concern is with our children," said Christine Parish, who pointed to school buses driving by. "They are picking up and delivering numerous children in this neighborhood, and we just feel that it's a safety to our children to have all this traffic in this area with these oil trucks backed up on the road."

We emailed and called Roan Resources several times and stopped by the office in Oklahoma City. We were told the people we needed to talk to were out of the office.

Residents have filed a petition and sent it to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The agency said two of its main responsibilities are looking after the water quality and making sure the oil companies handle the minerals properly.

The neighbors said they feel powerless and are looking into getting an attorney.

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