Rescue giving emotional support dog second chance at life with new prosthetics

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STILLWATER, Okla. – Doctors at a local university are putting their skills to use for an emotional support dog in need.

Roo was born with only one ‘normal’ leg, which left him without a home.

“The owners didn’t want it anymore because it was different,” Bob Williams, CEO of Ranch Hands Rescue, told KJRH.

The 1-year-old puppy doesn’t know how to stand, sit or walk.

However, the rescue refused to give up on her and trained Roo as an emotional support dog for people who have been through trauma.

“There’s a bond that happens between the person that suffered severe trauma or PTSD, and the animal that’s been through severe trauma and PTSD,” said Williams.

Now, they are working with OSU to get her three prosthetics to help her walk.

“One prosthetic is an extreme challenge, now we’re dealing with three of them,” said Cara Blake, assistant professor of Small Animal Surgery at OSU.

“If we can get her walking, she can have a wonderful life, and as I said she can help a lot of kiddos that need her help, that need that love and that commitment,” Williams said.

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