Running with her kid: This McClain County, Oklahoma woman is training for a marathon by running with a goat.

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BLANCHARD, OKLAHOMA -- It's not like Sarah Hites really needs someone to push her to get out and train for her second marathon.

She already knows it takes a while to work up those long training runs.

But it's nice to have someone along, like her dog Daisy, and this one and a half year old Nigerian Dwarf goat who likes to come along too.

"This is Penny," she chuckles. "Penny Lane. She's named for a Beatles Song,"

Bottle raised, and part of the family, Penny stayed in the house until she grew horns.

"She's just a really friendly goat then," asks a guest?

"Yup. Very friendly," says Hites. "She never runs off. We have a barn with chickens where she goes at night."

She still head butts the front door from time to time.

The running part just came naturally.

Penny saw Sarah take off one day and just followed.

"If she sees me going to run she likes to go. She wants to run with me," says Hites.

The goat can run as far as four miles in a single run.

No leash.

Sarah stays pretty close to home so the goat usually just waits or walks on back to the house when she tires.

"She goes with me three or four times a week," she says.

It's not something you see every day so people often stop to talk when they realize what really going on.

"Is that a goat," she laughs. "I'm like, yes it is."

Sarah figures Penny gets in anywhere from twelve to fifteen miles of running each week.

She's not so sure about whether Nigerian Dwarfs are suited to a full 26 miles, but this early in her training neither is she.

Looking at Penny's profile, Sarah observes, "Well you know, she looks kind of wide. I don't know. Maybe she knows she needs to run."

For now Sarah and Daisy, and Penny too, remain that unique running group worthy of a double or triple take on the country roads of McClain County, a runner and her dog, and her kid, chewing up the miles.

Sarah Hites is hoping to run the annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in the Spring of 2019.

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