Snow blankets parts of Oklahoma

ELGIN, Okla. - Snow blanketed parts of the Sooner State on Saturday.

Elgin saw a few inches of snow as the storm moved through.

"Trying to keep the driveway from freezing up and shoveling the snow out of the driveway so people and myself can actually drive through it," said resident Bobby Floyd.

He urges people to be safe as the snow melts.

"No matter what type of snow tires you have, whether it`s spikes or all season, in snow you will still slip," said Floyd. You just need to understand, take it slow and be safe about it. If you don`t need to go out there, don`t."

Nearby, kids took advantage of the winter weather.

"I wasn`t expecting anything at all," said Camree Castle. "I was hoping it was so I didn`t have to do my ACT. But haha."

Drivers are urged to be careful as freezing temperatures could leave ice on the roads.

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