OG&E works to find problem after power outage issues in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Okla. - Folks who live in a local town said they're fed up. They live in Lexington and said the power problems have gone from bad to dangerous.

The power was out Monday morning but is back on now.

At last check, OG&E said they have the city on it's secondary feed until they can figure out the root of the problem.

"This is getting a little ridiculous," said Ramie Robinson, a Lexington resident.

Robinson had to take her grandkids back and forth to her mom's house because of the power outages. They've also been sleeping in heavy coats.

"It's cold," she said. "We're all just kind of staying in the same area to stay warm."

Robinson said the power was out for eight hours Sunday and for a couple hours Monday morning.

OG&E told News 4 the issue was due to equipment failure.

Chris Coker, the Lexington city manager, said the problem started last week.

OG&E does not service Lexington. They just use their lines to get the power to Lexington, so they're working to figure out the issue on their end.

"We're at the mercy of OG&E until they can fix and solve the problem," Coker said.

Although parents were allowed to pick up their students at school, others were having to work in 60 degree temperatures.

"That's not fair," Robinson said. "They shouldn't be in school with no power and it being cold."

Robinson said it's frustrating.

"They just tell us OG&E is on it," she said. "It's warmer out here than it is in the house. I just want somebody to do something. Fix it."

Coker said he's now looking into the city's options to find a more reliable electric source for the residents.

"We just need to find something that's stable and where we quit having this mess," he said.

Coker said residents should call City Hall or the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority to report any outages.

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