Microchip leads to reunion 3 years, about 60 miles later in Midwest City

MIDWEST CITY - A dog is home for the holidays after being gone for three years. Her owner said she was stolen from her home near Kingfisher - but the story ended with a sweet reunion all the way in Midwest City.

"How it ended up in Midwest City, who knows," said Adrian Sanders, supervisor at Midwest City Animal Welfare.

Sanders said the dog was taken in Saturday. Per standard operating procedure, they scanned her microchip and called the owner - but what happened next was far from standard.

"Turns out the dog had been missing for over three years and she was really happy about getting it back," Sanders said.

The owner told animal welfare officials the dog had been taken from her yard near Kingfisher - never to be seen since.

"Then, fast-forward three years later, you get a mysterious phone call from an animal shelter saying, 'Hey, we have your dog here,'" Sanders said.

At Midwest City Animal Welfare, they said only about 5 percent of dogs that go in have a microchip and even a smaller number of them have them registered, which really points to an even bigger problem.

"Because it does end up in a dead end if that happens," Sanders said.

Sanders said you need to call the microchip company if you move or change your number just in case your pet runs away - or if someone tries to claim it as their own.

"We've actually seen court cases where that's happened - where a microchip is showing proof of ownership and they get their pet back," Sanders said.

The tiniest of devices - keeping the sweetest reunions coming.

"I can only imagine the excitement of thinking that you kind of got over losing that pet and then he's still alive and well," Sanders said.

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