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“Oh, Daddy! You’re home!” Army captain surprises daughter – just in time for Christmas

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. – An emotional reunion between an Army captain and his daughter will tug at your heartstrings!

Six months ago, Army Captain Eric Morski was deployed to Nepal.

During his time away, Cpt. Morski and his 10-year-old daughter, Iliana, would Facetime while she was eating breakfast at their Fort Bragg, North Carolina home and he was having dinner in Nepal.

However, Iliana had no idea her dad would be home – just in time for Christmas.

FOX 46 reports, last week, Cpt. Morski told his wife, Meredith, that he was planning to surprise Iliana while she was eating breakfast.

“She was upstairs in her room about to go to sleep when I told her he wanted to Facetime her before she went to bed, like they normally do,” Meredith said. “Little did she know that he would be Facetiming her from downstairs.”

While Facetiming with her dad, Iliana’s face changes, and she quickly realizes he’s home.

“Daddy! Daddy! Oh, Daddy! You’re home! I missed you!” Iliana says through tears.

Even the family’s pup, Oliver, got in on the reunion and was excited, too.

Cpt. Morski will be stationed in Fort Bragg for the next year with his family.

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