Oil company says metro spill was caused by act of vandalism

OKLAHOMA CITY --- Residents in a metro neighborhood are shocked after learning reports that a messy oil spill nearby was intentional.

"It's terrible, I can smell the oil as they were doing the cleanup," said Irene Cochran, who lives nearby.

On Wednesday night, emergency dispatchers received several 911 calls about an oil spill near S.E. 50th and Byers.

"There's a couple of oil pumps here and there's oil all over like the floor, and it's pouring all over the neighborhood," said one caller.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department rushed to the scene and found oil from the storage tank site flowing through the neighborhood, like a toxic river.

"The standing oil that's been picked up is 25 barrels, that's been picked up by vacuum truck," said Matt Skinner, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

In all, officials estimate that around 1,100 gallons flowed through the streets.

"The very first priority is to make sure it doesn't go any farther then it's already gone, and you're trying to protect storm water drains, anything where the oil can get into water," said Skinner.

Booms were placed in nearby creeks, and absorbents were poured on the streets to contain the spill.

Now, the oil company responsible for the site, White Operating Co., told News 4 that the spill was due to an act of vandalism.

White Operating President Lloyd White said that someone broke into the site and turned on two valves, which caused the leak.

"It's a scary thought," said Cochran.

So far, there have been no arrests and no suspects named in the case.

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