“The plane was shaking,” Oklahoma flight attendant injured when flight hit turbulence

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MUSTANG, Okla. - An Oklahoma flight attendant is in a fight to return to her dream job.

A normal day in the air for Vanessa Anderson took a dangerous turn when the flight hit turbulence.

Anderson says she was thrown in the air, hit the ceiling of the plane and broke her leg when she hit the floor. Now, she says she's traumatized.

"I've been through turbulence before, but nothing that fast," said Anderson. "The plane was shaking. Passengers were screaming."

After five years of working her dream job and traveling the world as a flight attendant, Anderson is now living on worker's compensation and is stuck at home in pain.

"I have a broken fibula," said Anderson. "I tore ligaments and tendons in my ankle. Something is wrong with my knee, I'm not sure. A hurt wrist. I'm not sure what I did to my wrist. I had bruises up and down all of the back of my body."

She says it's due to major turbulence. The plane was about to land in Las Vegas when things took a horrifying turn.

"I was in the aft galley, just trying to finish cleaning up before I took my jump seat. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to my jump-seat, so I just held on to the back of some seats and we suddenly hit a huge drop," said Anderson.

Anderson says she's one of three flight attendants who were hurt and taken off the plane by EMTs.

"Terrified," said Anderson. "I don't know how I am going to be when I go back to work. Am I going to be terrified of turbulence?"

She hopes other flight attendants and passengers take safety a little more seriously next time they fly.

"Keep that safety belt tightened as tight as they can, it's for a reason," said Anderson. "Pay attention to the demonstration of where the oxygen masks are, what your safety information card says."

Anderson will be recovering for a couple of months until she can go back to work.

Her family has set up a page on Facebook to raise money for her to pay some bills.

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