Two arrested after motel owner allegedly shot burglar in the back

APACHE Okla. - Two people were arrested after a motel owner allegedly shot a man in the back for breaking into a car.

Investigators say the owner, 50-year-old Donald Coyle, went out of his business to confront 23-year-old Amon Killsfirst early Saturday morning.

Coyle told officers he saw Killsfirst on camera breaking into a car and possibly headed toward his truck.

“We determined that Mr. Don Coyle was at his business and saw suspicious activity out in the parking lot on his surveillance cameras. 911 was called and he went out to detain the person, later identified as Amon Killsfirst until the police arrived,” said Special Agent Adam Whitney, with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The call to police came in around 1:20 a.m. on Saturday as a potential burglary in progress at the Countryside Inn in Apache.

Dispatcher: “9-1-1- what’s the address of your emergency?”

Caller: “Countryside in Apache, I have a guy out here breaking into a car."

The caller gave dispatchers an eyewitness account to what was going on outside the motel.

Caller: “Don's headed outside right now. Don's confronting him, he was trying to mess with Don's pickup. Don's got a service pickup in the back.” 

“Mr. Killsfirst ran away and Mr. Coyle gave chase, firing his pistol one time, striking Mr. Killsfirst in the back,” said Whitney.

Court documents said Coyle told Killsfirst to wait for police and he shouted for the suspect to stop or that he would shoot. Investigators said that's exactly what he did that morning.

The affidavit said Coyle continued to chase Killsfirst, firing more shots in his direction. During the investigation, Coyle indicated that Killsfirst did not attempt to hurt or harm him when he confronted him. Instead, Coyle said he probably should have just tackled him.

Both men are now in jail.

Agent Whitney said whether or not Coyle will face charges will be up to the state.

“We have to investigate and interpret the law and we give that investigation to the district attorney's office, who determines whether charges are filed or not,” said Whitney.

Coyle faces felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges and Killsfirst has two felony burglary charges.

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