Vietnam veteran says fence builder skipped town with his cash

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HARRAH, Okla. - Ken States says fence builder, Shawn Duvall, left him high and dry.

Duvall was paid handsomely, over $3,300 down to build the family a new wrought iron fence that was going to tie into their neighbor's fence, with his service dog in mind.

States and his wife moved to Harrah four years ago for an easier pace of life and medical treatment.

The Marine veteran is a victim of Agent Orange, a chemical used by the U.S. Military in the Vietnam War.

States suffers from Parkinson's Disease, heart problems, and a compromised immune system and relies on 8 year-old Snowflake as a service dog.

Snowflake needs a bigger yard to run around and play.

“I had him since he was 6 weeks-old [and] he's fantastic dog,” States said. “For me he's very, very good. Wherever I go, he goes, just goes with me, great company for me.”

States says Shawn Duvall knew that.

Now, he's missing in action.

“As soon as we wrote the check he cashed it that day,” States told the In Your Corner Team. “He knew what he was going to do.”

Just so happens, Duvall and his family's last known address is just a few miles from States' place.

We dropped by and found the rental property empty with a "for lease" sign out front.

The landlord tells the In Your Corner team the Duvalls moved out months ago, likely to Gulfport, Mississippi, but not before trashing the place and stiffing them on rent.

It’s worth noting, Duvall had States write the check for the fence to a second person, Carla Minor.

Courts records list Shawn Duvall and Carla Minor as defendants in an eviction case back in 2016, but States says Duvall's wife went by the name Kim, not Carla. 

“It went to another lady,” States said. “No, we're not [who she is].

Duvall's phone number appears to still be turned on, but he's not returning our calls or text messages. The same goes for our emails.

We'll keep trying, for Snowflake's sake.

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