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Employee’s items allegedly stolen by customer at local shop

OKLAHOMA CITY - A local University of Oklahoma collector shop has been hit by a thief.

A man wearing a Sooner shirt was caught on camera stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of Sooner collectibles. And, he's still on the run.

“I was in shock,” said Amy Heitz, a store manager. “Total disbelief.”

Heitz was helping another customer at Icons of OKC when the man walked in.

“He was just walking around looking at different items in the store, and I told him that I would be with him in just a minute,” she said.

But, when Heitz got to the cash register to ring up the customer, she noticed her iPhone, wallet and a huge stack of autographed OU player cards gone.

“I was nervous and scared, and I thought 'Did I misplace my phone?' so I started looking around,” she said.

When Heitz checked the surveillance cameras, she spotted the man helping himself to the merchandise and her belongings.

“My social security card was in there. My everything was in there,” she said.

Soon after the theft, Heitz got a call from her bank. The man who stole her wallet tried to charge over $500 on her debit card at a grocery store.

Fortunately, the bank denied it.

“It's just sad,” Heitz said. “We just hope that he gets caught.”

Heitz remembers the man well, even what he was wearing.

“He had on a dark jacket, short hair, a scruffy beard and an OU shirt,” she said. “He didn't deserve to wear an OU shirt.”

Disappointed, Heitz has this message for the thief:

“If you needed food, I would give you food,” she said. “If you need clothing, I would give you clothing. But, come on, man. Seriously. It's the holidays of all things. You don't just steal.”

The owner of store is offering a $250 reward for information on the suspect.

If you recognize the man from the surveillance video, call Oklahoma City police.

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