Much-needed delivery truck for metro food pantry found after it was stolen

OKLAHOMA CITY – A delivery truck for a metro food pantry has been found after it was stolen earlier this week.

Sunday morning, Ken Couchman, who helps Reaching Our City operate day-to-day, discovered the faith-based group’s delivery truck was missing from its parking spot outside the Reach Our City pantry, 7710 NW 10th St.

“I was headed to the dumpster and found a screw driver and it didn’t click at first, that there was supposed to be a truck here,” he said. “Just figured the screw driver fell out of the truck and later on realized, ‘Hey, this didn’t fall out of the truck, the truck is not here!'”

For the past year, the old moving truck does the heavy hauling, making four trips a week to various grocery stores, picking up produce perishables, and other products.

"It's all about efficiency," Couchman said of the truck's importance. "Getting those perishables from grocery stores, other retail recovery locations, to our food pantry, and to hungry people, as quickly as possible."

Couchman told News 4 earlier this week the theft was less than ideal, but in the pantry's 16 years of service, he said there's never been a situation they haven't been able to overcome.

"We've never had to turn folks away, we hope, and we're praying, that we can recover that truck," Couchman said. "Or that another resource will come forward."

Thankfully, good news came days later for Couchman and Reach Our City - the truck was found.

Police say the vehicle was found near NW 49th and Blackwelder.

Minor repairs will need to be made but overall, the vehicle still runs.

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