Oklahoma City women open local clothing subscription service

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A popular online concept is now taking hold right here in the Sooner State.

Anna Frost and Jessi Murray love finding fashion.

"I just internet stalk people and buy their clothes,” Jessi Murray jokes.

Murray has spent more than two years acquiring a massive collection of clothes to start a new concept to Oklahoma called 'The Library.'  Instead of renting books, you rent clothes.

"I've gotten them from vintage stores, people, a lot of local people which I think is really fun,” Jessi Murray, founder of 'The Library,' said. "I bought this from a girl that used to live here then moved to Nashville, but she's originally from Sweden."

Last Saturday, these 24-year-old entrepreneurs opened the shop and already have more than 20 subscribers.

It's similar to 'Le Tote' or 'Rent The Runway,' which have become extremely popular, especially among women.

"To me, it further pushed this idea that rental subscriptions can be fun for the average person,” Murray said.

"You pick your subscription. You can reserve your items online or you can come in and we can help you pick items," said Anna Frost, co-owner of 'The Library.'  "Once you've gotten your pieces, you can wear them as long as you want."

Sizes range from extra small to XXL.

Finding others' unwanted clothes was important for Murray and Frost as a way to help the environment.

"Because I feel like if you're in the fashion industry in this day and age, I feel like it's part of our responsibility to give an option to people that isn't adding to the climate crisis that we're in right now,” Frost said.

And this is just the beginning for these women.

"Eventually, we think it would be so cool to open multiple stores and also we'd really like to break into menswear at some point because, I mean, men have this problem too," Murray said.

The subscriptions start at $15- a-month and go all the way up to $300, which includes monthly photo sessions.

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