Oklahoma fast food employee allegedly steals customer’s debit card information

DUNCAN, Okla. - An alleged fast food fraud led to an investigation by police.

Duncan Police are looking into allegations that a fast food employee stole a debit card number from a customer.

Kurstin Hill says just days after she bought a meal from Burger King, she checked her bank account only to find hundreds of dollars missing.

“I just feel like somebody violated us and that wasn't OK,” said Hill.

Hill was shocked when she saw a $400 purchase at Walmart, a purchase she says she didn't make.

“I immediately called my bank's fraud department because usually they have that ahead of time,” said Hill.

After canceling her card, she called Walmart and got the receipt for the purchase.

“They were the ones who were able to tell me what was purchased, who purchased it, the address, phone number,’ said Hill.

With a name now in hand, Hill did her own investigating on social media. Through Facebook, she discovered the same person who used her debit card also worked at the same Burger King where she had earlier purchased food with her card. Hill went straight to the restaurant's manager and filed a police report. Fortunately, her bank was able to refund the money stolen from her account, but she says it was a stressful time.

“I have a family of my own that my husband and I are providing for and for somebody to take advantage of us like that was not OK,” said Hill.

No matter the reason behind the fraud, she says it was still wrong.

“I don't know if he did it for like a Christmas present for his kids or what, but in reality there's tons of programs out there during the holidays for stuff like this,” said Hill. “You don't have to steal from other people.”

She hopes others use this as a warning this holiday season.

“It's scary to think about it,” said Hill. “I would definitely tell people they need to be alert and look at their bank statements, especially around the holidays. It`s sad that you have to do that but you have to be on the watch for it.”

Police tell us they're still interviewing the alleged suspect and other employees.

News 4 also reached out to Burger King. They sent us a statement saying, "We have recently become aware of the situation and are taking steps to address it properly."

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