Welfare check leads to child endangerment, drug arrests

ARDMORE, Okla. – A call that began as a welfare check ended with the arrests of four people in Ardmore.

On Saturday, officers in Ardmore were asked to perform a welfare check at a nearby home.

When officers arrived, they found the back door open.

“A small child about four-years-old came into view of the officers,” Capt. Keith Ingle told KXII. “No one else was answering their calls – no one was coming to the door so they went ahead and walked through the house.”

Ingle says the child led officers to a bedroom where they found another young child asleep on a bed that was covered in dog feces.

Police arrested 26-year-old Jamie Mason on complaints of child endangerment and drug-related charges.  Authorities also arrested 26-year-old Daniel Mason, 27-year-old Austin Webb and 21-year-old Ashlyn Wilson on drug related charges.

“It’s just a shame this time of year, kids would’ve been celebrating Christmas and not walking around in filth,” Capt. Ingle said. “I’m just glad the officers were able to intervene and get DHS involved and get those kids to where they are in a safe place.”

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