Metro toddler saved by family after nearly drowning in backyard pool

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EDMOND, Okla. - A metro toddler nearly died after he fell into the family's swimming pool.

Paul Makanya says his family was putting up Christmas lights on the house and there was easy access to the backyard.

Makanya says the boy was watering plants and may have tried to get water from the pool. The boy's grandfather found him.

“He ran to the poolside and found Prince floating in water," said Makanya. And so he pulled him by his leg and said, ‘Oh my God, Paul! The boy has fallen in the pool.’ And so I think he felt him and said, ‘Paul, the boy is dead!’”

Makanya started doing CPR on Prince.

"I pumped through his tummy, I pumped in his chest and he wasn’t responding," said Makanya.

The mailman just happened to be at the home and called 911. Prince still wasn't breathing.

But after a few moments, he responded.

“More of the water started coming out of his mouth and he was trying to call, ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ He called me a lot," said Makanya.

“I’m so sorry, son! I didn’t mean for you go through this. I’m here and I’m so, so sorry that I let you be alone for a minute," said Makanya as he recalled the experience. "So, I held him by my body. I took off my shirt and held him so close to me. He was cold, he was stiff and he kept on crying, ‘Daddy!’”

Prince was taken to the hospital and released the next day. He was okay.

As it turns out, Makanya says the pool cover blew off because it didn't fit. It's something Makanya plans to replace.

"I thought I was saving money. Again, that’s my son’s life. And that’s a very, very big lesson that every parent out there needs to learn," said Makanya. "When it comes to your children, don’t think about the money. Think about the children first.”

Makanya says he plans to build a fence around the pool and get a new pool cover.

He told News 4 the family is considering moving to a place without a pool.

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