Dog reunited with family after escaping house fire

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A family loses everything to a fire over the weekend; several pets were killed by the flames and one escaped, but he hadn't been seen for several days.

Then comes Christmas Eve, and a reunion that will have you believing in magic. “I'm so glad you made it, so glad you made it,” Tyrene Turcozi said to her dog Tank.

It was a much needed holiday reunion; a family reuniting with their pet after that destructive fire.  It happened Saturday night when fire crews rushed to the Oklahoma City home near Northwest 122nd and County Line road.

"My kids called me about 6:15 told me that the house was on fire," said Harvey Wreath, Tyrene’s father.

Several fire crews tried to put the fire out, but he flames were too hard to fight and at one point, fire fighters had to go on the defense.

“It's all gone; it's sad,” said Wreath.

The family got out of the home, but many of their pets didn't make it out alive.

“They had six dogs and a cat that died, they had a turtle they found a few years ago, and a pet duck,” said Wreath.

When you look inside the metro home there is nothing left. Wreath said since the fire his daughter had only one Christmas wish and that was finding her dog tank who escaped the flames.

“My daughter is an animal rescuer, so it was like losing her kids.” Wreath said.

Tyrene took to social media to even placing a sign in her front lawn in hopes of finding her only surviving dog.

“She's worried about finding her last little animal, she could care less about anything else,” said Wreath.

Nearly two days later, and Christmas came a day early.

“I'm just glad to have him back; I don't care about anything in that house but him,” said Turcozi.

Tank was  found Monday morning by a kid walking his dog and noticed the pictures on social media and called the number.

The family tell us the home will have to be demolished.

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