Midwest City dentists give patients an early gift for the holidays

MIDWEST CITY, Okla.- When you think of Christmas presents for adults, a new TV or a gift card to a favorite restaurant might come to mind, but a group of dentists in Midwest City are giving patients the gift of a pain-free mouth for 2019.

"All I want is for one (tooth) to get pulled, that's what I really wanted," said Midwest City resident Victor Gomez.

The dentists and staff at Comfort Dental in Midwest City are making those Christmas wishes come true.

"Today, we are doing an event we call care day it's an event we do every year where those who just can't afford dentistry can come in and get a free procedure done," said Dr. Bruce Tharp, of Comfort Dental in Midwest City.

Patients came in from all over the metro to get much needed dental care.

"A lot of people around here can't afford dental care. The insurance companies don`t really cover a lot of it, the out-of-pocket expenses are kinda hard to come by," said DeAnna Sherman, of Oklahoma City.

Doctors were performing cleanings and some drilling. Dr.  Tharp says about 2/3 of the cases were extractions.

"Right now, I'm getting my tooth pulled. I have a really bad infection so it's best if I do it right now, so really good gift for Christmas," said Rayna Bentley, of Midwest City.

It is the 33rd straight year this office has done this on Christmas Eve.

"It is great to give back. I'm a firm believer in you reap what you sow, so when you sow good things, good things happen back to you. To be able to use my talents and abilities to help those around me is a huge blessing," said Dr. Tharp.


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