Oklahoma man caught in drive-by shooting can stand on his own after being paralyzed

OKLAHOMA CITY — A man who was caught in crossfire and was paralyzed following a drive-by shooting is now sharing his story.


It happened back on July 1st just before 4:00 a.m.on I-35 near N.E. 10th Street.


"I thought I was going to die. I was going in and out of consciousness,” Trae Hines told News 4.


Hines remembers that day well. It was the day his life changed in a matter of seconds.


"I was driving the car. We were making conversion and next thing I know, I started hearing gunshots and I was hit in the back,” Hines said.


Hines said several family members were in that car with him. One of them told police they heard eight gunshots, and police found 4-5 bullet holes in the driver’s side of the vehicle.


"I was telling my cousin that I couldn't feel my legs,” Hines said.


In the middle of that busy interstate, once Hines realized he had been shot, both he and his cousin had to do some quick thinking.


"I was telling him that he had to reach over and hit the brakes so the car would come to a stop, which he did and at that point, he put me over in the passenger seat and we took off and went to the hospital,” Hines said.


Hines said that bullet hit his shoulder and was lodged in his spine, fracturing his ribs. He was in the ICU for 10 days.


"As you can see, I've been placed in a wheelchair, which I have limited function. But it has changed my outlook on life. I value it more than ever,” Hines said.


Miraculously, Hines is slowly starting to walk on his own with a cane or walker.


However, his medical bills now total over $200,000 which has created a big financial burden.


Somehow, even through the stress and pain, Hines said he forgives the person who fired those shots.


"I don't have any malice. I'm one of those people that are grounded in faith. So, I already have forgiven the person,” Hines said.


Police have arrested the person allegedly responsible for firing those shots. We are waiting on more information about the suspect from police.


Hines’ family and friends have created a Go Fund Me Page to help him with his medical bills. If you’d like to donate to Hines’, click here.

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