Oklahoma City fire crews battle multiple Christmas fires

OKLAHOMA CITY — It was a busy Christmas day for the Oklahoma City Fire Department as crews battled multiple house fires across the metro.

One of the scenes firefighters responded to was at a home on NW 3rd Street around 9:30 a.m.

Battalion Chief Tommy Iago said four people were living downstairs while two lived upstairs. All were able to evacuate.

The two people living upstairs suffered minor injuries from smoke inhalation, but they refused treatment.

According to Chief Iago, the cause of the fire appears to be from a space heater on the second flood that was placed too closely to bedding material.

“As far as a space heater, it needs to have a three-foot area or around that to keep anything flammable from catching on fire. In this instance, they were using extension cords, multiple extension cords throughout the house so that’s another danger in itself,” Iago said.

We’re told there was not a working smoke detector in this home.

“This is one of the neighborhoods that we did canvass earlier in the year to hand out smoke detectors,” he said. “Unfortunately, these people were not home or refused one of the smoke detectors, but that’s one thing we can’t stress enough that a working smoke detector will be your eyes and your ears while you sleep.”

Another incident crews responded to was on SW 27th Street, where four people were rushed to the hospital for severe burns. This was after fire officials say they were using a garden hose to transport natural gas from one structure to another for heat, causing a flashover.

Just before 1 p.m. Tuesday, crews also responded to a house fire on the 16000 block of Vickie Drive. There, Battalion Chief Russell Huffman said heavy smoke was visible from the attic along with flames on the backside of the home once crews arrived.

The fire was extinguished quickly, he said.

Everyone was able to evacuate prior to crews arriving on the scene.

“They stated they had a fire going in the fireplace all morning long celebrating Christmas this morning, and we believe that was the cause of the fire,” Chief Huffman said.

We’re told smoke alarms were found in the home.

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