“I was a victim of cyberbullying,” Oklahoma couple says they were harassed by state senator

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DUNCAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma couple says a state senator has been harassing them online.

“I was a victim of cyberbullying, I believe, at the hands of Senator Scott,” said Jeremy Gragg.

Gragg and his wife, Jennifer, are Democrats and he says he doesn’t always agree with Oklahoma Senator Paul Scott’s Facebook posts.

“When my wife brought up how she was opposed to him trying to do away with the Soon-to-be-Sooners program, he went on my Facebook and took pictures of me and then posted in the thread where she was disagreeing with him, and posted with a comment, ‘I can see why she’s so upset,’ implying that being married to me is upsetting. And it is not, it is a joy!” said Gragg.

The comment came from  Senator Scott’s professional page.

Another comment said, “enough said,” which also included another picture of Gragg.

A comment from Senator Scott’s personal page says, “it’s all personal to me.”

We reached out to Senator Scott via email, text and phone calls. He sent us this statement:

“I am declining an interview on this matter.”

Gragg says his actions and his response says a lot.

“I think it speaks volumes about Senator Scott,” said Gragg. “I don’t feel that he thinks he’s accountable to the citizens of Oklahoma even though he represents them. I feel like he thinks he’s somehow above it all.”

Gragg’s wife says Senator blocked her on Facebook and the post have since disappeared from the site.

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