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Neighbor scares off apparent car burglars in The Village

THE VILLAGE, Okla. - An eagle-eyed neighbor was in the right place at the right time when she scared away people potentially breaking into cars.

It happened after Britt Best got home from work, sometime after 3 a.m. She sat in her car for a few minutes before going inside, and there in the dark and stillness, she saw two darkly clothed figures crossing the street. At first, she said, she wasn't alarmed.

"But as soon as I saw them start attempting to open the doors of both vehicles, there were two vehicles parked there, I realized something was wrong," Best said.

She continued to watch and her suspicions were confirmed.

"Went to my neighbor`s house over here and was trying to open the doors to that white SUV," she said.

So Britt took action, opened the door, and stood up.

"I said, Hey, can I help you?' and he took off, and cursed, and grabbed the other guy," Best said.

The two booked it and weren't spotted again. However, police did quickly discover several cars had been broken into nearby.

Officers urge everyone to always lock their doors.

"'Well they`re just going to break the window out anyway.' No, they`re not," said Village Police Deputy Chief Russ Landon. "That is very rare, unless you`ve got something very valuable in the car. But they don`t want to get caught, they don`t want to make noise, and so they`re going to try the unlocked doors."

He said that if anyone who sees something similar, it would probably safest to call police first and let them handle it.

But in this case, neighbors who lived in the homes where the men were stopped said they're grateful Best spoke up.

"Got kind of a close-knit neighborhood," Rob Miers said. "Everybody takes care of each other and watches out for each other."

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