Special Christmas delivery for a group of mobility-challenged kids

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma children were given the gift of mobility this Christmas.

They each received their own AmTryke, a therapeutic bike, custom made for kids with special needs.

One of those recipients, Marlee, was born into DHS custody with a life-threatening heart condition.

“They were going to let her pass away and I started saying, ‘No, she's going to have her surgeries,’” said Jolene Baxter, Marlee’s adoptive mom.

Marlee got three open-heart surgeries and Jolene also got her wish of adopting a daughter and now her miracle baby, Marlee, has new mobility.

“It's emotional for me, because she can't walk on her own,” Jolene added. “She doesn't want to get off [her new tryke]

This Christmas miracle was made possible by the Oklahoma City Chapter of AMBUCS.

The service organization raised enough cash to buy AmTrykes for ten Oklahoma children and then threw a big party, with their families, friends, therapists, and even Santa. 

“My heart is so big right now,” said Fina Nett, AMBUCS OKC President. “I am so excited.”

AMBUCS does even more life-changing work in our community, like building ramps for the disabled.

They raise money throughout the year.

One of their big fundraisers that helps pay for the AmTrykes and ramps is a big Clay Golf Shootout.

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