Suspects caught on camera burglarizing OKC apartment complex

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two crafty crooks who appear to know exactly what they are doing were caught on camera.

After a break-in last week at the Hillcrest Green Apartments near I-44 and Southwest 74th - police are hoping to get these suspects off the streets.

"When the officer got there, he saw that the front door of a building had been kicked in," said Capt. Bo Mathews with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

That moment of impact was caught on camera.

Apartment management declined to interview but say this duo likely knew what they were doing.

In the video - you can see the suspects peeking into the laundry room - realizing there weren't coin slots on the machines.

The victims think it wasn't their first rodeo because the two men headed straight for the front office - where the machine that converts cash to laundromat cards was kept.

The suspects apparently came prepared - bringing in a tow strap to hook up to the machine and pull it out with their vehicle - but not before making off with whatever electronics they could get their hands on.

"When the owner got there, he noticed that there was some cash and also several computer items that were missing," Mathews said.

Apartment management says the crooks likely didn't get away with much cash - as the machine had just been cleared - but they were left with quite the mess - and a good look at those believed to be responsible.

If you recognize the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at (405)235-7300.

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