House evacuated, three arrested after overnight police chase

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. -  Three men face a variety of charges after a traffic stop turned into a police chase through a neighborhood in the southwest part of town.

"At some point the car veered into a neighborhood, began driving through fences, actually drove through a shed, just demolishing the shed," said Msgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police.

Police followed the white BMW SUV as it drove through backyards, leveling fences, until it had nowhere to go and hit the side of a house. Though the car didn't plow through the house, it did hit a gas meter. That home was evacuated.

"The fire department had to come out and shut off the gas to the gas meter that was out there that was run over," said Knight.

Meanwhile, the three men in the car, now identified as Auston Hallonquist, Derek Alred, and Kirk Dejear, bailed out and ran.

Police eventually took all three into custody. Police also recovered a weapon that was ditched by one of the men as they tried to flee.

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