Police warn porch pirates still on the prowl after the holidays

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. - Police are warning people to continue to be cautious with their delivered packages as the holidays go by, because porch pirates don’t limit the crime to the season.

One home owner learned that the hard way. He wasn’t home on Thursday when his doorbell surveillance camera alerted him that an expected package was delivered.

Just a couple hours later, he got another notification, and when he watched the video, saw a man walk up to the package and steal his package.

Unlike other packages delivered before Christmas, this one didn’t have a fun gift. Instead, it was a part needed for construction work. It may not be interesting to someone not in construction, but it cost the owner about $1,000.

Police recommend taking steps to protect those packages whether Christmas is near, or not.

“If you know it’s coming, either make arrangements to place it out of sight, or have someone pick it up,” said Paula Valley Police Asst. Chief Derrick Jolley, “but you need to be alert and aware of this all year round.

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