Seminole family’s home destroyed by devastatingly strong winds

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SEMINOLE, Okla. - Lillian Chesser has lived in her Seminole home for 30 years now. But the day after Christmas, everything changed.

“Trying to keep from crying. Trying to think, 'This is not my home,” Chesser said.

The home she shares with her son and granddaughter is in shambles after Wednesday’s strong winds sent a tree through the roof. Ceiling insulation now covers both the kitchen and living room.

“We can`t really stay here. It`s not structurally sound or safe,” granddaughter Michelle James, who also lives in the house, said.

With little to no access to some of the rooms that are in the back of the house, the family can`t even get to their clothes and other personal belongings.

On Friday afternoon, two family friends showed up with chainsaws in hand, hoping to help the family access the back of the house.

“I like to help people out and when it comes to stuff like this, it`s a bad deal. And if there`s anything I can do to help, I will,” family friend, Mark Elliot said.

Going to such lengths as scaling the already damaged roof.

“I`m going to get up there on the roof with a chainsaw and cut up all those branches and get all the trees and such off the roof. That way it doesn`t have any more added weight to the roof,” Elliott said.

An act of kindness the family is grateful for. Now they`re trying to figure out their next steps.

“I`m hoping to get a place. Get a home back out here and live out here. This is my home,” Chesser said.

A family member has set up a GoFundMe to try and help those that lived in the house get back on their feet.

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