Animal clinic, Oklahoma family shocked after dog found with missing jaw injury

ADA, Okla. – An animal clinic in Ada was shocked after a family’s dog was found with part of her jaw missing – and how it happened remains a mystery.

“It’s a weird mystery,” Tamra Danielson said. “It’s kept me up for two nights straight trying to wrap my head around what could’ve happened, how it could’ve happened.”

Tamra and her husband, James, say their seven-month-old German shepherd, Hela, ran off with her father, Zeus, for about 90 minutes when the power went out during storms on the night of December 26.

Tamra told KXII she was not home at the time, but says James found blood on their front porch. Hela was then found in the backyard, bleeding heavily from her mouth.

“I don’t even know where it happened,” Tamra said. “I would go look for a puddle of blood or something. But it was raining so much, it just washed everything away.”

Hela was taken to the Arlington Animal Clinic in Ada where Dr. Stephanie Rollins operated on her. Rollins says she’s never seen a case where half of the jaw is missing – with no explanation.

“That’s what makes it so difficult and strange,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my career.”

According to KXII, Rollins “said she does not think Hela was his by a car since she had no other injuries. However, she suspects a single, downward blow to the dog’s face from an unknown object.”

Hela is able to live with her missing jaw and needs to eat and drink on the right side of her mouth.

The family says they will continue to search for answers, but for now, they have started a gofundme to help with vet bills. They hope to reconstruct Hela’s mouth if possible.

“I’m just glad she’s not gone,” Tamra said. “But this mystery is driving me crazy.”

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