New Year’s Day fire destroys Edmond home, pets perish

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EDMOND, Okla.-It's been a busy new year for firefighters in Oklahoma, including a fire in Edmond Tuesday morning.

A home went up in flames and unfortunately, the family's pets didn`t make it.

This happened early Tuesday morning near 33rd and Eastern Avenue.

Neighbors say just as they were celebrating the new year, they heard loud sirens down the street.

“The firefighters were already there pulling up,” said Mary Anne Gonzalez, a neighbor. “I panicked a little bit.”

Gonzalez shot video on their phone as the ran outside and watched the firefighters put out the flames.

“It was definitely alarming for me,” said Gonzalez. “I was concerned that we needed to get the kids out of the house.”

While no residents were at home, there were pets inside that didn't make it out.

“We watched the firefighters bring the dog out of their house,” said Gonzalez. “I`m not sure if there were one or two dogs, but our hearts were breaking, and I know the firefighters did everything that they could.”

Gonzalez hopes her family can provide help to the residents when they return. The damage was extensive.

She's thankful First Responders acted so quickly and made sure the fire didn`t spread to their home.

“I was just so thankful,” said Gonzalez. “You don`t realize or think about every day just what a blessing it is to have firefighters and a community that works so hard to take care of each other. We made a thank you sign for the firefighters.”

The Edmond Fire Department is still investigating what started the blaze.

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