Rape victim has new hope for justice seven years after alleged attack

TULSA, Okla. – In 2011, a Tulsa woman was attacked and sexually assaulted at a Christmas party in Oklahoma City.

Seven years later, Coni says she finally has hope that she will get justice.

“I don’t remember the incident but not only did he assault me, but he raped me,” Coni told KJRH. 

Coni says that she couldn’t remember the attack, but the injuries left behind told the whole story.

“Finger marks on my neck, not being able to swallow for three days, marks and bruises all over my body,” she said.

Coni says she traveled back to Tulsa and underwent a sane examine and completed a rape kit. Tulsa police said the kit would be sent to the Oklahoma City Police Department so they could investigate the attack.

“I called to find out several times about the process,” she said.

However, she never received any answers. In 2017, she received an email saying her rape kit didn’t exist and the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office dropped the case.

Recently, she learned that Tulsa police received a grant to process the backlog in rape kits. She called a sexual assault advocate, who helped her locate her rape kit, still sitting on the shelf of the Tulsa Police Department.

“My case was dismissed, dead in the water, no need to call me back,” she said. “It is now being investigated, because I was angry and asked, ‘Where is my rape kit?’”

Oklahoma City police officials say Coni’s case has been assigned to an investigator, and are looking into why the case wasn’t worked on in the past.

“Every case is important,” she said. “I don’t expect to be first in line, I just expect to be in line.”

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