Southwest Oklahoma experiences heavy snowfall

ELGIN, Okla. - Heavy snow blanketed portions of the Sooner State on Thursday.

Comanche County was especially hard hit, where several inches fell over the course of the afternoon and evening.

"Unfortunately, we’ve had anything from severe injuries to also vehicles just sliding off the road," said Trooper Tyrone Dixon with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Dixon says there have been at least 20 accidents in the area due to the weather and people driving too fast.

Drivers also say it's dangerous.

"It makes everything so, it’s beautiful until you see those people on the side of the roads that don’t really get the driving part of you should probably go slow. You know?" said driver Larry Chrisner. "And then they’re off in the bar ditch or something like that.”

Authorities say many people think they are safe because they are in big trucks or have all-wheel drive.

"Unfortunately, in inclement weather we see that a lot," said Trooper Dixon. "Individuals that have four-wheel drive, have larger vehicles, think they’re pretty much impervious to the weather conditions, the road conditions and unfortunately they still have to steer, have to stop as well.”

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