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Central Oklahoma Humane Society awarded $1M to help serve rural communities

OKLAHOMA CITY - Cats and dogs all across the state will be getting a little more help from the folks at Central Oklahoma Humane Society.

"OK Humane is contacted almost daily to assist communities outside of Oklahoma City that don't necessarily have the infrastructure to make a change or impact on animal populations in their community,” said Cati Stanila, director of Oklahoma Humane Statewide Initiative.

However, a new $1.1 million grant from WaterShed Animal Fund will help OK Humane reach out to those rural communities with a focus on northeastern, western and southwestern areas.

"Spay and neuter assistance, wellness, vaccines and then kind of setting up key resource centers to help them create the infrastructure needed to really make an impact on the animal population in their communities,” Stanila said.

Stanila will head the new initiative. She'll go out to the shelters and groups who need more help with overpopulation and pet health resources.

"Helping the shelters and the rescues talk to one another, kind of sharing best practices and sharing resources to do that,” she said.

By the end of the summer, they plan to have a spay/neuter mobile unit paid for with the new grant.

While OK Humane is only a little more 11 years old, they've made a big impact in the community.

"I believe we adopted almost 3,500 animals last year. We relocated another 1,600. We spay and neutered 14,000 animals that were publicly owned, so there's a lot of work to do," Stanila said.

The WaterShed Animal Fund has granted $5 million to Oklahoma animal nonprofits and $19 million nationwide.

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