Greyhound bus passengers left stranded in Oklahoma City with no answers for more than 3 hours

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Abandoned in an unfamiliar city with no one around to answer their questions - that's what dozens of folks said happened to them at an Oklahoma City Greyhound bus stop.

The bus was traveling from Kansas City, Kansas to Dallas, Texas, but there was no one at the stop who could tell passengers when their next ride would be. They said multiple calls to the company left them with no answers, as well.

Those left behind said the bus stopped at 5:30 in the morning in Oklahoma City. They were instructed that it was going to be a 30-minute layover, so most people got off.

But, three and a half hours later, there was still no sign of a driver or plan as to what was going to happen.

"She's over there with her son in the Comfort Inn and Suites," said passenger Joshua Pearson. "She got off the bus, left the bus running and walked right across here and left."

"I decided to bring the bus for my sister's funeral, and here I am stuck in Oklahoma City and I have a funeral to go to," said Fonda Smith, another passenger.

Dozens of people were left without their belongings and medication - like Bruce Johnson and his diabetes detection dog, Bentley.

"My folks ran trucks all their lives," Johnson said. "If my folks ran trucks like this, they'd be out of business."

Others, like Daryl Ford, were left stuck on the bus - with no way to get out.

"It was hell," Ford said. "Excuse my French, but yeah. Even the security guards didn't come in and check on us until 8 o'clock."

Finally, about four hours later, a driver showed up and the group made their way to Dallas.

A Greyhound spokesperson said the first driver became ill and they had to have a new driver come in from Amarillo to cover the schedule.

After this - most of the passengers said they'll likely never take a Greyhound bus again.

"'Cause they do got airplanes, and it's faster," Pearson said.

We are still waiting to find out why they had to have a driver come in all the way from Amarillo and why there was no one at the bus stop who could answer the passenger's questions. We also do not know yet if the passengers will be reimbursed.

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